Human sized wineries

We like to work with independent, human-sized wineries. We want to know how the wine is made, and we admire the people making it. We value honest and sustainable way of winemaking.

Bat Gara

Bat Gara winery was born from the union of two ways of understanding the txakoli, the indigenous varieties and their area. The idea was to rediscover the wine produced in our area, known as Arabako Txakolina.

Casa de Mouraz

Casa de Mouraz was created by António Ribeiro and Sara Dionísio, who left their jobs in Lisbon and immersed themselves in what has become a family adventure, a version of sustainable viticulture and authentic winemaking.

Espera Wines

Espera Wines is a small, family-run project on just 3 hectares, located in the Alcobaça region of Lisbon, a historic area and with traditions that stem from the legacy left by the Cistercian monks.

Herdade do Cebolal

Herdade do Cebolal is a family project that was founded by Caio de Loureiro at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays the farm is managed by the 4th and 5th generations of the same family.

Josep Foraster

For over 150 years, the Foraster family has been growing grapes and olives on their estate in the township of Montblanc, Spain. Today, they focus on local varieties, organic viticulture and expressive wines.

Pequenos Rebentos

Márcio Lopes is a young winemaker with a dream and a life plan well defined: to make special wines that highlight the best that nature has to offer. Pequenos Rebentos is his winery in Vinho Verde region.

Quinta Varzea da Pedra

Quinta Várzea da Pedra is focused on mixing the old winemaking ways and traditions with the progressive and creative ideas. “Here we listen to the vineyard and make it dance at its own pace”, says Tomás Emídio.