Josep Foraster

For over 150 years, the Foraster family has been growing grapes and olives on their estate in the township of Montblanc, Spain. Today, they focus on local varieties, organic viticulture and expressive wines.

Maximum expression.

In 1998, after updating the vineyards and planting new high-quality red varieties around the property, father Josep Foraster and his son, also named Josep, decided to build a cellar and start to make wines focusing on local varieties.

Josep Foraster (the son) tragically died in 1999, before he turned 40. The same year the family’s first vintage was about to hit the market. Josep’s sister Julieta Foraster and her son Ricard Sebastià Foraster decided to take over the company and manage it from then on.

The vineyards are located in a valley surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 400 m, to 600 m, 30 km from the sea; sharing its southern border with Priorat and Montsant. The high elevation of Conca de Barbera, combined with the cool sea breaze from the Mediterranean sea, allows the grape to retain acidity during ripening season producing fresher wine, with structure and elegance.

Their philosophy is to produce wines with grapes 100% from their own vineyards, cultivated organically, searching for the maximum expression of the varieties. This respect for the soil and terroir is reflected in the wines they produce.

Our Josep Foraster selection

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