Quinta Varzea da Pedra

Quinta Várzea da Pedra is focused on mixing the old winemaking ways and traditions with the progressive and creative ideas. “Here we listen to the vineyard and make it dance at its own pace”, says Tomás Emídio.

Old Traditions, New Inspiration

Since 1910, the taste for agriculture has been running in the family of Tomás Emídio. Four generations later, the 26 hectares of land continues to produce wine and “Pêra Rocha” (the famous local variety of pear). The vineyard area is 12ha, influenced by the intense Atlantic breeze, Mountain cold nights and sunny afternoons on clay-limestone soils.

In 2015 the traditions of the old were joined by the passions of the new. Tomás, who worked as a graphic designer, DJ and event producer, took charge of the winery.

In the vineyards, total production was reduced, and focus was returned on quality of the grape. The cellar was remodelled, and the Quinta Varzea da Pedra wines came to life for the first time. The passion started to come in life.

Várzea da Pedra is located in Bombarral, between the Atlantic Ocean (20 km), Obidos Lagoon (20km) and Montejunto Mountain (15km), in the Obidos DOC – sub-region of Lisbon wines. The appellation has a long history of winemaking, referred to as a source of fine wines since the founding times.

To get the taste as pure as possible, the concept is “good grapes make good wines”. Trough handcrafted practices and herbicide-free vineyards, they intend to prevent problems rather than solve them with chemicals. The goal is to come greener every year, enhancing the natural yeasts vintage after vintage, to make wines that really express the location.

“We let the wines talk, and they tell us when they are ready.”
Tomás Emídio

Our Quinta Varzea da Pedra selection

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