Espera Wines

Espera Wines is a small, family-run project on just 5 hectares, located in the Alcobaça region of Lisbon, a historic area and with traditions that stem from the legacy left by the Cistercian monks.

Wines with time.

“5 hectares of vineyards that give back to Alcobaça the winemaking styles of the Cistercian monks in this region… and that surround us with an absolute certainty that we want to have simplicity hand in hand with quality.

Our concept will embrace the authenticity of Nature reflected in what is real and genuine in a project that will follow the story of our family.

We have surrender to this idea of being patient for the moment we feel the wine is ready for sharing. We want the consumer to feel privileged the moment the bottle is opened because the ambition is to provide and offer a unique and exclusive product, but unpretentious at the same time.

Before we release any vintage on the market, we will wait with no rush giving the wine room to mature and to improve, with time. Espera will offer time to wine lovers by suggesting some expectation for the next vintages.

After all, there is nothing better than a little slowness in this day and age.”

Rodrigo Martins

Our Espera Wines selection

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